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Octa helps you save and invest towards your goals.

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We provide secured savings at a higher interest up to 13% rate.
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Why Octa?

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You Remain In-charge

Choose how much and how often you want to save.

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Interest Rate That Beats Your Bank’s

Safely set your funds aside for active income generation at above bank ROI.

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Guaranteed Security

Enjoy bank grade security managed by Page Financials (regulated by CBN).

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Multiple Saving Targets

Save up and invest to meet multiple goals and track your progress on the go.

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Excellent Customer Support

Account access and customer response right at your fingertips.

How It Works

See step by step guide on setting up your account and saving or investing in Octa.
Create a savings account online
Create an account

Download the app from your respective mobile store and create an account

set up an investment account
Set up a plan

Set up your card and then create an automated savings goal.

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Let the magic happen

Track and monitor progress as your money grows

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